A blog entry about starting a blog. You totally saw this coming, didn’t you? God, you’re smart. And pretty. And funny. Wanna date? If your idea of a hot date is reading all the way through this thing, occasionally commenting, frequently tolerating, and maybe even once in a while telling somebody else about Fifty-two, then damn, bitch, let’s date.

Why Fifty-two? Because I, like you, lover, have a bucket list of some vain, some altruistic, and some just kind of weird things that I would like to do, ideally “before I die.” However, since I’m in the prime of my youth and not really the type to worry about death ‘n’ stuff anyway, it’s more accurate to say that I have a list of things I’d like to do “before I get even lazier.”

Why now? Because if all of us young ruddagers started knocking things off our list in the next few years just think about how much more time we’ll have to do even cooler, more age-appropriate things later! Playing bingo with the biddies down at the parlour wearing nothing but Superman skivvies? Totally. Blowing an entire month’s social security check on creamed corn and coke (the latter left up for interpretation)? Done. Our future geriatric selves will certainly appreciate our current selves for flipping procrastination the bird, stepping out of the ol’ comfort zone, and gettin down to bizness before our knees give out and our fingies curl with the arthritis, afterall.

Which is why I’m gonna make like Mikey and embrace “our time.” Because it’s only so long before Goonies references are no longer retro, they’re just old and creepy.

So, back to #52!

The Rules:

-Do one new thing, each week, for one year (or fifty-two weeks, if math is lost on you). This can be anything from learning how to change the oil in my car, to volunteering at a homeless shelter, to hiking the Superior Trail alone, to making conversation with a stranger every time I ride the bus. Some will be pragmatic, some will be moral obligations, and some will just be vain and dumb, but all of them must challenge me in some way.

-Blog about each experience, each week, for fifty-two weeks.


Pretty simple, si?

Hope to “si” (waka waka) you back here next week for number #51!

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5 Responses to #52 START A BLOG

  1. Rachel says:

    I like this idea a lot – good luck on all future endeavors! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Pen pals turned blog champions! Haha – hope all is well!

  3. Caryn says:

    This is awesome Regan! Do you have the whole list planned out or do you just pick at the beginning of each week?

  4. regan52 says:

    Thanks Caryn! I have a pretty big list written out already, but the order isn’t decided yet. I just pick what makes the most sense at the time.

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