“I just don’t want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member.” –Woody Allen

(paraphrasing Groucho Marx, who may or may not have been paraphrasing Freud)

(Preamble/Prologue/Sidenote: I realize that this post is like, what? almost a month late or something.  I could heehaw about how “I got busy” and “I don’t have a scanner” and “my dog ate my laptop” and wah wah wah, but you don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to write it [even if I just did] so let’s just skip it, eh? I’ll be better next time, I swear, I’m good fer it!)

I know what you’re thinking:  Regan Smith? Neurosis? Get right outta town. But the fact is, despite my regular calm, cool exterior, I am–like dear, disgusting Woody Allen up there–actually quite neurotic some of the time.

So, like any other dog-fearing citizen (seriously, my dog ate my laptop, if that isn’t a reason to be more afraid of canines than god then I don’t know what is), I’ve decided to deal with my neuroticisms by exposing them, and myself, in the form of SOME TOTALLY CRAPPY COMICS!!

There are a lot of these actually, but here are the ones I managed to scan at work before one of my fifteen bosses decided to come back from the bathroom like a weirdo. Things I will ask you to kindly disregard:

-Pencil lines (there are many)

-Repeated words (I have brain aneurysms)

-Poor scanning (it’s not my fault. realz)


I worry about becoming a stagnant, directionless, boring old biddy more often than is normal for a 23 year old semi-beboppin bitch.


I obsess over people who are insanely talented in music, art, writing, etc. even though they probably all eat oatmeal for breakfast and go to bed at nine. Lameoids.


I don’t think the internet likes me that much. It checked maybe on the Valetines “Bee Mine” Nasonex Bee card I gave it.

Coming up next week? Something great. Trust.


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  1. Timma [duh] says:

    You do not understand how much I identify with the first and third comics. The second one I don’t get: Who is Karen, and if you are Karen, then why are you Justin Bieber?

    Anyways, yeah, I am MAN in the library. I try to pull it off by telling people that I “work at the U” but then they never fail to ask me “oh, what do you do?” and I have to be like, “libraryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [sigh].” Nobody wants to be friends/bone with a GUY who works at the library. True story.

    I’m gonna start telling people I am a ghost hunter.

    And these comments right here should show you how I identify with the third comic, because I think I am funny and I am not.

    Anyways, keep em coming, Reganomics.

    • regan52 says:

      Tim Tam!

      Her name is Karen O (the wheel is an “O,” don’t you see? I’m a great drawrerer, don’t you tell me I’m not!!) and she is the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs who are a band who are awesome and so is she and I maybe have a crush on her a lot.

      I am glad you sympathize with my librarian woes. I totally do the same thing when people ask where I work. Note, however, I’m not against library jobs in general, just ones that have no meaning and very little human interaction. Like mine. But at least I have two offices! Dank and humorless, yes, but two is better than one or none.

      And, you are funny. Both the internet fairy and I agree.

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