Oh hey! Me llamo Regan Smith.

In addition to practicing my excellent Spanish skills, I also work for dollaz at the University of MN and as a freelance writer,  and for funz as the Co-Editor in Chief of Paper Darts magazine. This girl likes weirdos, hobnobbers, and making up New Years Rezzies on the fly. So far I’m doing a bang-up job with NYR #2: Write an About Me section for blog.

I’m always looking for more freelance work, so send me a line if you want. I promise I’m like, infinity more professional when I need to be: regan@paperdarts.org


The rules of Fifty-two:

-Do one new thing, each week, for one year (or fifty-two weeks, if math is lost on you). This can be anything from learning how to change the oil in my car, to volunteering at a homeless shelter, to hiking the Superior Trail alone, to making conversation with a stranger every time I ride the bus. Some will be pragmatic, some will be moral obligations, and some will just be vain and dumb, but all of them must challenge me in some way.

-Blog about each experience, each week, for fifty-two weeks*

*Addendum: Do a new thing whenever I have time, blog about it whenever I want. It’s ‘Merica, ya’ll. Freedom!!


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